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West Maui Kennels is pleased to have compatible cats from the same household share a single resort accomodation.  The beautifully appointed and tranquil space is large enough to comfortably house three cats.  West Maui Kennels reserves the right to seperate sharing cats if they are not getting along.  The cat daily rate would then apply. 

Check Out or Check In
before 10:00 am or after 3:00 pm.


Total lodging fee to be paid for reservation confirmation.

Rates charged on a per day basis.

72 hour cancellation for a full refund.  Under 72 hours cancellation subject to charge.​ 

West Maui Kennels reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Copyright 2012 West Maui Kennels.  All photographs used on this site are of our own dogs and cats and are copyright protected.

FREE one on one special time with your cat


Lots of individual cuddle time is spent with your cat/s twice a day either inside the Sun Cage or their own cage. 

We play with toys together and give love, pets, hugs and fur brushing.

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