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Limited number of guests equals lots of individual loving care

Maui Dog Boarding Kennel
Our standard kennel size is the largest offered on Maui. 

There is more than enough space for compatible dogs from the same household to share.

PLEASE NOTE: dogs are NOT exposed to the elements.  The kennels have a waterproof roof.  The "walls" are made of thick waterproof canvas and are raised in good weather and lowered every night.  The design takes advantage of the gorgeous forest view and lovely trade breezes.  Oil heaters are provided during the winter and on cold nights.  Our accommodations suit dogs who love the outdoors and used to walking on dirt paths.
We take your dog for long daily walks in a beautiful nature environment.

Dogs are taken on long walks twice a day in the early morning and in the afternoon.  Your dog will get lots of exercise making your dog tired and happy.  It also gives your dog a home routine and provides the opportunity for your dog/s to do their business outside their personal living space of their kennel.

*  We text you photos and videos of your dog

We text or email you videos and pictures taken of your dog's stay to keep you in touch and updated with how your dog is doing. 

*  Dog House

A dog house of cedar or plastic is provided.

*  Pet Bed and Bedding

Each dog is provided with a comfortable pet bed.

Bedding, towels, blankies, are provided.  

*  Toys

Toys to play with are in all living and play spaces.

*  Fresh Water and Home Food Routine

Buckets cleaned and filled twice a day.

Food Bowls provided with dogs fed according to your home routine.

*  Room With A View

All 6 dog boarding kennels have forest and landscaped views.  The quiet outdoor environment is filled with birdsong and has a calming and relaxing effect on your dog.

*  Make Friends and Play

Dogs that are playful and friendly get the opportunity to go on walks together and play with each other.

Two dogs from the same family sharing

A large area of K9 Potty Grass is available upon request.

These are two unoccupied kennels side by side which shows the "walls". The walls are up to enjoy paradise weather and come down when it is raining, cold and at night. Your dog enjoys the breeze and beautiful view.

Your dog is warm and dry and snuggly as well as cool and close to nature enjoying birdsong and cool breezes.

Outdoor Play Area:

The Outdoor Play Area is provided in addition to the TWICE daily walks in a beautiful nature environment which the dogs are taken on morning and afternoon.

One large fenced dog play area the size of an average back yard: over 2,000 square feet.

PLUS another of over 500 square feet.

The play area is a huge fenced area situated in an Ironwood forest in view of the Dog Boarding Kennels and Cat Boarding Kennels.

Dogs can run, dig and play.

West Maui Kennels:

For the Love of Dogs

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