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 Requirements which must be met for reservation and general instructions.

West Maui Kennels strives to keep fleas, ticks and worms at a minimum.

Your dog/s will be in a nature environment, walking and playing in forested and natural areas. It is advisable to please use prescription strength tick and flea meds.

Requirements for Reservations

​Also some suggestions. ​

  •  Food to last the entire stay, including special meals and treats.

  •  We provide bedding, toys, food bowls and water bowls.  Feel free to bring your own toys/blankie.

  •  Veterinary strength flea and tick medication 3 to 4 days prior to arrival. West Maui Kennels will give your dog their medication if the due date falls during their stay.

  • Your pets are required to be fully vaccinated for DHLPPC (distemper, hep, lepto and parvo)  vaccine. Your dog must be current with all vaccines no less than 7 days prior to check-in. No exception to this rule.

  • Bordetella (canine cough) vaccine is NOT mandatory. 

  • Proof of vaccination and date to be provided.

  •  If within the last two weeks you have boarded your pet at another location, clinic or just aquired your pet, you must provide a "Clean Bill of Health" from your Veterinarian.

  •   Male dogs over 10 months old must be neutered. Dogs that are not fixed are not accepted.

  •  If your dog is on medication/s, bring enough medicine for the stay. (Please fill out the form below, "meds" section).

  •  Current dog liscence worn on collar is recommended. Obtain a liscense from the Humane Socety or Maui County.

  • NOTE: If your dog is a chronic barker, please inform West Maui Kennels.

West Maui Kennels apologizes that our insurance policy does not allow pittbulls or pittbull mix breeds.

West Maui Kennels has an insurance policy which insures your dog/s and/or cat/s for $2,000,000 (two million USD) during your pets stay at our kennel.  We are very sorry, but our insurance policy does not accept pittbulls or pittbull mix breeds. We are sorry, but your dog may be denied boarding by our insurance policy.

Proof of Vaccinations and/or Certificate of Health

Fax: (808) 669-7592


Your dog's vet office can email or fax to vouch for your pet's health status.

Documents: Liability Waiver

Please click on the icons below to download the documents to your computer. 

All clients need to sign the liability waiver.Documents can be faxed or emailed.

Copyright 2012 West Maui Kennels.  All photographs used on this site are of our own dogs and cats and are copyright protected.

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