Exclusive luxury accomodations limited to only 4 suites situated in a peaceful country setting.

Large enough for multiple compatible cats from the same household to share.

240 cubic feet of luxurious indoor and outdoor space.

Indoor to outdoor living: multi-story custom built cat home within a safety cage.

Gorgeous hand crafted homes with multiple levels of lux wall to wall to ceiling carpet.

Cat homes are each many stories and about 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Bird and nature views from multiple viewing decks and levels inside the home and cage.

Each suite includes a large 5 to 6 foot tall carpet cat tree with various landings, toys and scratching post.

Houses contain cat toys and soft blankets.

Sneeze screens seperate suites and make your cat/s space their own domain.  Screens can be removed.

The Resort is located in a tranquil, loving and secluded nature setting.

Litter boxes are cleaned twice a day.

Cats fed according to their regular home schedule.

 Free hugs, pets, fur brushing and love:)​​ 

Views of bird feeders, nature and forrest offer hours of great viewing entertainment.

More than 100 times larger than any other cat "kennels" on the island. 

Resort provides cats indoor and outdoor living in the same space.

Resort offers sharing for compatible cats from the same household.

Multiple story carpeted cat homes.

Extra large cat tree in each accommodation provides all day and night entertainment, look outs, play and lounging.


Cat Resort Features

Cat Resort Amenities

Cat Resort Sun Cage

The ultimate cat outdoor experience, the Cat Resort Sun Cage is 1000 cubic feet of multi-level space.

Criss-crossing the cage are stairs, shelves, multiple levels, landings, look outs and baskets.

Cats get to climb, roam, explore, view, sun themselves, play, find the highest point and look out, crawl into a wicker basket to nap in the sun or roll in the grass in the safety of a cage.

NOTE: available weather permitting or by circumstance.

A Cat Resort with premier lodgings, largest space, indoor-outdoor living and sun cage.