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Maui Dog Boarding Kennels

The most beautiful and peaceful dog and cat boarding in a park-like setting.

West Maui Kennels is a high quality dog boarding kennel on a huge property in the hills of Kapalua.  We are proud to be situated in a very country environment.
Spacious, limited number of guests and the best personal loving care.

Exclusively large size accommodation: 10 feet X 10 feet or 20 feet x 10 feet = the largest individual kennel space on Maui.

Cat Resort kennels are120 times bigger than the standard cat boarding kennel on the island. 

Dogs are taken for walks TWICE daily.

Park-like grounds and country location makes West Maui Kennels the quietest and most peaceful pet boarding faclity on Maui.

Access to a large fenced outdoor "backyard" play areas.

West Maui Kennels is elite: Only 6 large kennel spaces and 2 medium spaces.  Only 2 Cat Resort accommodations.

Limited number of accommodations and small number of guests equals individual loving care for all guests.

 Call (808) 661-8300

Copyright 2012 West Maui Kennels. Header photographs used on this site are of our own personal dogs and cats. All photographs are copyright protected.

Our site is currently being updated to add newer pics and video 

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